Want my attention? Misspell something. Better yet, point out a misspelling with “[sic].” Even better, sicize an invasive misspelling.

Barry Petchesky sicized “miniscule” in a recent and alsowise fine Deadspin article on Paul Shirley’s Haiti fumble. Despite the fact that—as Barry put it—“Deadspin has long been [the] go-to source for professional athlete penis,” and despite the fact that Barry was on Jeopardy! last year, somehow I didn’t know Deadspin from Adam or Barry from Steve. I’m glad Barry captured my attention, and I’m happily spending this evening with him at home. Thanks, Barry!

Today’s word is sicize.
sic·ize, sic·ise / ˈsɪ saɪz/, / ˈsɪ kaɪz/ (or sick·ize, sick·ise / ˈsɪ kaɪz/)

transitive verb

to indicate that something is a verbatim quote by using the word “sic”; Some British journalists sicize American usage; some do not.

2010: intentional coinage by Steve Kass (http://www.stevekass.com), influenced by the words parenthesize, laicize, and sicked (past tense of sic)

Related forms:
sicization: the act of sicizing
sicizy: / ˈsɪ sɪ zi/
a rhetorical device, specifically, the use of sicization in order to deprecate or ridicule

Googlefight: miniscule v. minuscule

I hope you’ll join me next week, when the word of the day will be intertelligible.