This 46-year-old editorial is worth reading, if only as a reminder that the fear mongering is nothing new. Some days I wonder if string theory is right except that we don’t live in the big flat dimensions—we live in the tiny coiled-up dimensions, which could explain why it’s impossible to escape the madness.

Politicians … promising to soak the well-to-do with taxes for “benefits” to the poor in order to redistribute the national wealth. [President Obama promises something else: He will soak the rich.]

The President’s proposal for ________________ is unconstitutional. The Tenth Amendment specifically prohibits the government from engaging in activity for which there is no constitutional grant of power. [Texas Gov. Perry May Use States Rights to Reject Obamacare]

In the President’s view, an American citizen has no right to own and use private property, unless he uses it in a way that officialdom considers to be consistent with the public interest.

Today, it is the demands of _______________ groups which fix official notions of what is consistent with the public interest.

Under authority which he requests in the proposed _________________________, the President could order all private employers to hire communists … black muslims … the President could compel private businessmen to do anything the President wants … . [The insistence on an “employer mandate”]

It was obvious that the President’s _________________ proposal was an act of bowing to radical _________________; but astute observers thing there was a deeper motive behind the proposal. The president has already, by executive orders, established a plan for total dictatorship. The _____________ crisis could become the necessary emergency.

Citizens who value liberty—however they feel about the ____________ problems—should storm Congress with demands that _______________ be rejected.