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The third essay (300-500 words, posted on the blog) is due Tuesday, March 19th. This assignment isn’t as open-ended as the previous essays. Choose one of these two options as a basis for your essay.
  1. An interview or in-depth discussion with a family member or friend a generation or two older than you about a personal aspect of your own life, society, or school that they also negotiated as a young adult. Choose a specific topic in which computing technology now plays a role, and explore how that matters.
  2. Notice, and explore thoughtfully, some specific computing technology that you encounter during spring break that you don’t necessarily deal with otherwise.


(i.e., what there could be a quiz on)
Essays posted on the blog through Saturday, March 2, and Someone’s Watching You… , through Chapter 8.


Get a Reddit account and ask to be an approved submitter to the course site there. (Details were send by email.)

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