The San Diego Fire Rescue Department bomb squad investigated a suspicious package in Mission Beach on Thursday. Crews used a robot equipped with an x-ray device to examine the package, which was found at 3447 Bayside Walk near Lido Court.

Upon entering the home, officers saw something they said looked like sticks of dynamite taped together with wires leading to a clock face. The officers exited and called the fire department who deployed the bomb squad. The bomb squad determined there was no power source to the package and that there was a sticker on the device that marked it as a novelty item.

A suspicious package was found Friday morning at a Kanawha County bank. A robot was used, and it was determined the package was a newspaper that had been placed against the door.

A suspicious package was found in Hayes Valley neighborhood Sunday afternoon. The package turned out to be someone’s suitcase.

A suspicious package was reported Friday outside of the Woodburn Premium Outlet Max Studio store. A bomb squad from the Oregon State Police x-rayed the package and determined around 8:45 p.m. it was not an explosive device.

A suspicious package was found on a Weir High School bus Wednesday morning. School officials say a student found a box under a bus seat which appeared to contain electrical wires. After further investigation, including using K-9s, police determined it was not a threat and the all clear was given shortly after 9 a.m. Officials say the box was part of a school project.

The discovery of a suspicious package shut down a San Francisco Public Health Department building in the city’s South of Market neighborhood this morning. At about 10:40 a.m. a loud blast shook the neighborhood, setting off car alarms and prompting one man standing on 10th Street to exclaim, “Damn!”

A suspicious package left in front of the Chula Vista courthouse Friday turned out to be a backpack containing old Playboy magazines. Authorities, including the sheriff’s department Bomb/Arson Unit, were summoned to the courthouse at 500 Third Avenue after the abandoned backpack was found at about 8:45 a.m. Investigators at the scene used robots to inspect the backpack, which had an antenna from a radio coming from the top.

Police officers evacuated a city block after a suspicious package was reported in 500 block of Tulare Ave. in Parlier. Officers are now trying to figure out who duct taped a suspicious device to the bottom of a vehicle. Police did not want to elaborate on what the device was under the car, except to emphasize it was not a bomb.

Authorities in Henry County responded to a report of a suspicious package at an Abbeville law office Thursday. According to the sheriff’s office, employees at the law office of Samuel Christopher Money thought the addressing on a package seemed “peculiar.” It was also very heavy. Abbeville police, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigative Task Force and the Dothan Police Department Bomb Unit responded. The area was evacuated, and the bomb squad x-rayed the package. The package was determined to not be dangerous.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was called out to Royal Palm Beach Elementary School after a suspicious package was found near the school’s marquee on Wednesday afternoon. The suspicious package turned out to be a suitcase full of clothes, according to investigators.

A suspicious package was found in the 1600 block of Barrington Street (Halifax) around 9:30 a.m. The owner of the backpack approached police a short time later and explained that he had forgotten his backpack, which contained his lunch, at the location.

Elmhurst police were alerted to a suspicious package at the Elmhurst Post Office on Sunday. The postal inspectors x-rayed the package and determined it posed no immediate hazard. Police said it was filled with “electronic media bundles.” A note was included in the package that said, “Mary has passed on—thanks for all that you have done to keep her listening.” The box had no mailing or return address.

A couple found a bag full of cylinders and wire next to a dumpster Wednesday that looked suspicious, so they brought it to the northeast substation where police determined it was a battery pack used in large toys. The bomb unit was called out, and the unit found that the package was not harmful.

After hours of evacuation, the Detroit Lakes Walmart is reopened. The Crow Wing County bomb squad investigated the store because of a suspicious package found on Friday. The “suspicious package” turned out to be a zipped-up coat with several other store items inside of it. Authorities suspect the shopper was planning to steal the merchandise-filled coat, but decided against it; hiding it in the store where coats don’t usually belong.

Witnesses say the [suspicious package] drama unfolded when a man walked into the food court area here, dropped luggage on the ground, made the sign of the cross, then walked away. The Chicago Police Bomb and Arson unit, the Chicago Fire Department Hazardous Incident team and State Police dogs were used to investigate the luggage. “It was pretty scary at first, because the first thing you think about is 9-11. So it was really scary for a minute there,” said Curcuz. In the end, it was determined, the luggage was harmless.

A package filled with newspapers caused quite a scare at a bank in Elkview. The package was found at the front door of the Poca Valley Bank about 10 a.m. Friday. The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad was called to the scene to check it out. A robot looked inside the package and found bags of newspapers inside.